Top 10 Apps For Android

After the launch of Siri technology by Apple Inc in the year 2011, the voice activated mobile virtual assistants (VA’s) have become popular and these virtual assistants helped the users to dial, search or write text using the voice command.

The infographic will show you the list of most downloaded Apps on Android and ios since the launch of Siri technology:

Voice Search:

Developed by: Google Inc
Total downloads: 109 million
Revenue: 0
Available on: Android
Vlingo Virtual Assistant (voice App):

Developed by: Vlingo Corporation
Total downloads: 8.2 million
Revenue: 0
Available on: Android and ios

Developed by: YourApp 24
Total downloads: 1.4 million
Revenue: $ 57, 000
Available on: Android
Jeanie and Voice Actions:

Developed by: Pannous
Total downloads: 1.1 million
Revenue: $ 655, 000
Available on: Android and ios

Developed by: Dexetra
Total downloads: 4.4 million
Revenue: 0
Available on: Android
Several other popular Apps that run on voice command are Skyi, Speaktoit assistant, Carhome, Dragon search and EverFriends. is the leading resource for data visualization and creative infographics. The site aims at providing you the latest infographics on various topic from sports to environment, travel to technology and other niches. Based on the theme, infographics are classified in to different categories and the latest charts, graphs or infographics will get displayed at the top of each category.

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